Places to Buy Cheap Wholesale clothes in Lagos – Check them Out

Where to Buy Wholesale clothes in Lagos

Lagos State in Nigeria is among the commercial hub centers in Nigeria. The state is located in the Western part of the country. The presence of seaports and airports makes it an easy landing place for imported goods. It is not withstanding the reason why people travel from far and near to buy both new and fairly used items. Are you looking for a place to buy cheap wholesale clothes in Lagos? Having this information handy will save you a lot of stress because there are many markets in Lagos Nigeria. Some of the markets that sales clothes are mainly known for some particular category of clothes whereby you can see almost all categories of clothes in the same market.

Apart from knowing the type of clothes being sold in these Lagos markets, it is very important that you also know their locations. This will act as a quick guide when you want to go to such markets. Also, have it in mind that some of these markets have days that they open for business while other can be daily market. The aim of this article, where to buy clothes in Lagos is to x-ray all you should know about these markets. We are going to give details on the popular clothing markets in Lagos, other smaller markets may equally exists.

Where to Buy Wholesale Clothes in Lagos

1. Balogun Market

Balogun market is among the popular market for clothes and clothing items in Lagos. It is located in Lagos Island off Broad Street and around Bankole Street in Island. If you are looking for where to buy wholesale fabrics and textiles, then, this market is a good option. It also have areas that you can buy both corporate and casual wears.

High quality products from Turkey, Britain, Vietnam, U.S.A, China and other countries are available in this market. Top Nigerian celebrities and personalities patronizes this market a lot. This is also a great place to get your designers wears. Not only wholesaling takes place in Balogun, retailers and single buyers can equally go there and make their choice. This market is a daily market.

2. Yaba Market

If you are looking for where to buy cheap clothes in Lagos, then, go to Yaba Market. The market is situated at the center of Yaba. This market is known for its second hand clothes Section popularly known as “Okrika” or “bend down select”. These clothes which can come in the form if shirts, polos, jeans and others are fairly priced. One of the things that makes this market stand out is that you can get different grades of bales for wholesale and retail there. Well patronized by both the youth and the elderly. To get the best of clothes, the cloth sellers in the market opens new baled every Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays.

3. Oshodi Market

Oshodi Market is a market in Lagos State where you can get different types of fabrics, textiles and clothing materials. The market is located in the suburb of Lagos. The location of this market attracts many sellers and buyers. On a visit to the market, you will see many traders including those doing their business inside their stores and in the open place. Oshodi Market is a market for all in the sense that you can get cheap commodities as well as expensive commodities. If you want to buy wholesale clothes in this market, know where to locate those selling the exact category that you need. The market operates on a daily basis.

4. Aswani Market

Looking for a place to buy fairly used clothing items? Then, Aswani Market is a sure place to visit. This market is located in Isolo Local Government Area and you will see it in Isolo way. It is known as a Tuesday market because that is the peak day for opening of new baled. This market attracts visitors from far and near who came to buy both in retail and wholesale. You need to hold your bag very tight while visiting Aswani Market on a Tuesday because of the large you will meet there. They also sell their items at affordable prices.

5. Kantagua Market

This market is popular for it’s “bend down select”. You will get a lot of fairly used clothes and clothing items of different grades in this market. It is located along Abeokuta Expressway, Super Bus Stop, Abule Egba. This market opens for business for the purchase of new items on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays.

6. Tejuosho Market

This is also a market in Lagos where you can buy clothes. This market is located Yaba Central Area by the rail road. The market days are Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. There is a line for clothes and clothing items there. The items are also affordable.

I hope this information will guide you when you want buy wholesale clothes in Lagos. Just study the market locations and know the one that will be convenient for you. It is also necessary that you know the type or category of clothes being sold at each market before going there.

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