Things to Consider Before Making Online Purchase in Nigeria

Things to Consider Before Making Online Purchase in Nigeria

Online purchasing is a form of electronic commerce which allows costumers to directly buy goods and services from the seller over the internet using a web browser. Online shopping have come to stay and it is gaining more popularity as the day goes by. It is also a more convenient way of buying things for a lot of people who prefers to shop and get their products delivered to them at their doorstep. In Nigeria, there are important things that you need to consider before making online purchase.

This form of making purchases has recorded its own lapses. Some people have been scammed off their money after making payment, have their passwords and accounts compromised, while others are victims of “what I ordered versus what I got.”

It is of no doubt that some cyber criminals are on top of their game to frustrate a lot of online buyers. Knowing the safety precautions to take will save you from a lot of stress during online purchase in Nigeria. The aim of this article is to guide you towards knowing the various pitfalls to avoid when making online purchase.

Things to Consider Before Making Online Purchase in Nigeria

1. Do a background check of the seller

You should have enough information about the seller before making a purchase from him or her. Some online sellers do not have their own personal websites and therefore sells their products in popular online marketplace. Check to see how long the person have been in that marketplace, number of products he or she has sold, whether he or she is a verified seller, his/her delivery ability. For those sellers who have their own personal online marketing platform, check how long they have been in the business, their popularity, online and offline presence which may include from social Media and other sites.

2. Check the products reviews

Products with reviews are of great help during online purchase. Check to see what other buyers think about the product. The higher the rating/reviews, the more likelihood that other buyers finds it worth buying. When checking out positive comments on the products, you can equally check the accounts of commenters to see if it genuine buyers or autogenerated.

3. Check if they have a physical shop/office

It will be more convenient making purchases online in stores that have verifiable physical address. It acts as great place to contact Incase if other contact methods fails. Most reputable physical businesses now have their online stores in which you can comfortably place your orders and receive your goods in good condition. Other businesses may choose an office where they can stay and resolve issues regarding their businesses which is also good.

4. Be Careful of offers that looks too cheap

An easy way to attract customers to buy products which are fake or inferior is to reduce the prices of such products. Another way is to make use of original pictures or images to represent their low quality products. When you see such “too cheap” offers, carry out a comparative analysis of the products from the shops of other sellers and know the difference. When there is a striking difference between their product and the one that you intends to purchase, you need to be careful of making such an online purchase. It is also another way used by online scammers to get a good number of customers that they will inturn scam.

5. Check the information required of you before making your purchase

A real e-commerce website will not require any other information from you apart from the one regarding the purchase you want to make. Some vital information that may be required of you include; method of payment, your phone number, shipping address and E-mail address. When information like your work details, bank account information, your identity card etc is being asked, you need to be very careful making purchase on this platform. Any other information aside the ones listed above maybe optional.

6. Check if the site is secured

There are some sites that are dangerous for you to input your details. Such sites are not end-to-end encrypted and will therefore leak your information to scammers. Always make sure that the site your are making Purchase from starts with “https” instead of “http”. Also make sure that you are not using a public network when you are making online purchase.

7. Always Make Use of Strong Passwords

Ensure you have a strong password. Weak password may lead to your account being compromised through phishing and password theft. When you want to create an account with such site endeavor that you make use of strong password too.

8. Know their terms of delivery

Some online sellers may not be able to deliver your goods directly to your doorstep. They may choose for you to come and pick it up in a nearby bus stop. This may thwart your intention of having the goods as soon as you wish. Some may equally charge extra to get your goods at your doorstep. Another important thing to note is the time that it will take for the goods to be delivered so as not to feel disappointed.

9. Refund/Return Policy

It is no longer a new news that some online sellers use other people’s original product image to represent their fake or low quality products. These images gets their customers attracted to them whom they inturn leaves unsatisfied. In a situation whereby there is a good refund policy put in place by such a seller, such product may be returned and the money paid refunded. When you see an online seller who insists on no refund after payment, you need to check well before ordering and making payment.

10. Pay on delivery saves a lot of stress

Some sincere online sellers who are sure of their products may offer a pay on delivery mode of purchase. This is good because it lets you to see the product that you are purchasing before payment. This is another thing to consider when buying online.

Things to Consider Before Making Online Purchase in Nigeria will guide you in your online purchase. Always be careful when making online purchases so as not to fall in the wrong hands.

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