How to Make a Living from Social Media in Nigeria

How to make money from social Media in Nigeria

Do not be surprised to hear the hundreds of thousands that a lot of people are making on social media. One of the things about social media is that every user has an objective, if your objective is to come and read gist, upload your pictures and check for events, that is for you. If your aim is to make money, you will definitely make it. Depending on the aspect of making money on social media that you are going for, know fully that it requires effort and patience.

I will also like to let you know that you need to have a good social media presence to make most out of these opportunities. You can start early by engaging actively on some sites with good number of followers, posting contents frequently and running social ads to get more followers and visibility to your page. All hope of making money on social media in Nigeria is not lost if you can’t do the above, there are other areas that will equally give you reasonable earnings.

One of the things that should make earning on social media on your to-do list is that you can run such businesses as a student or better still as a side hustle. Some of the popular social media sites that you can take advantage of includes; Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest, LinkedIn, TikTok and others.

How to make a living from social Media in Nigeria

1. By Selling Your Own Products/Services

Are you a business owner or producer of some products? Do you have a service that you can render to people? If you are not on social media yet, know that you are losing a reasonable amount of money. All you need to do is to advertise your products/ to your friends and followers. You can make use of your personal profile account, or better still, create a brand page or group for your business. Some social media accounts like Facebook have online marketplace that you can market and sell your goods.

Take eye-catching photos of your products or goods. If you are into service rendering, you can equally add the pictures of your services to your page, group or personal profile account with your contact. Take your business serious because you may get referral from people whom you offered good service.

2. Through Selling other People’s Products

If you don’t have your own products to sell, you can as well sell for others. All you need to do is to register for affiliate marketing or dropshipping. You can equally contact business owners to market their products. Market their products in your social media handles, pages and groups, marketplaces. When such products are being sold, you will get your own commission.

Check for e-commerce stores that you can do such selling for, sign up with them and get your unique link for tracking. Popular E-commerce websites like Jumia, Konga, AliExpress, Etsy and Amazon are available for affiliates. Before choosing your products, you also need to have a knowledge of marketable products in Nigeria. Check out whom the majority of your active followers are if you are making use of your pages, profile account or group that will give you a clue on what to sell.

3. Be a Social Media Brand Influencer

When you have a page or profile account with large followers, various brands can contact you to advertise their products for them. You can equally do another form of influencing by showing the links to purchase some of the products that you use. Share a link or contact of those selling the products, ask them to let the seller know who referred them so as to get your commission. Before doing this, you should know that you have negotiated with the seller.

Various companies are ready to pay decent amount to brand influencers but this will depend on your number of followers as well engagement.

4. Make Money with your Knowledge/Skills

The best platform you can make money as a content creator is on social media. Social media platforms like YouTube gives you the opportunity to monetize your videos. You can start with how-to’s videos, comedy videos and other forms of tutoring videos. When you reach their required number of subscribers and watch hours, you can be able to monetize your account.

Also you can sell your books or e-book on social media by sharing the link of the marketplaces that it was uploaded and equally by sharing the link to your website where you are selling your products and services.

5. By running sponsored ad

Like I said earlier, if you do not have large number of followers, you can equally make money on social media. If you have a website that you are selling your products or services, you can promote your products social media using the link of the website.

Sign up for Facebook ads, fill the necessary information and agree to their terms and conditions. You can equally use this method to promote your social media page to gain more visibility and followers.

6. By being a Social Media Manager

Do you know that various companies and individuals are paying people to manage their pages and accounts for them? All you need to be doing is to create content for their various channels, run ads and monitor, take it’s analytics, attend to inbox messages and promote their products. You equally need to ensure that their page gets more followers and engagements. At the end of the day, you will communicate results and requests to the person that should know such.

7. By Selling of Social Media Pages and Accounts

I know some people who earn money by growing social media pages and groups and selling it off later. You need to know the strategy to gain more followers on social before you can take this up. So many people that may need a page with large number of followers will buy such page when you advertise it.

Now that you have known how to make a living on social media in Nigeria, take up this opportunity. One of the secrets to making money on social media is by being consistent. You need to engage your followers, market your products well, be sincere with what you are selling so as to get more patronage.

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