Online Side Hustles for Nigerians – Good Recommendations

Best Online Side Hustles for Nigerians

Having a side hustle or side job is not a bad idea. There are many reasons why people take up additional jobs to support their main job. Also, students can equally take up side hustles to support themselves. If you are among those whose job gives enough free period and you think you need to make an extra income, then, online side hustle is for you. The good news is that the internet has made it easier for you to stay at the comfort of your home, carry out some task online and get paid.

Before I go into listing and explaining the best online Side Hustles in Nigeria for students and others, let me explain properly what a side hustle is. “A side hustle also called a side job or side gig is an additional job that a person takes to their primary job to supplement their source of income.” It is also pertinent to note that side hustle can equally be borne out of passion for a particular job or hobby. For instance, if you are good in writing, you may wish to establish your skill further without minding that you are doing something, and in the process, you maybe getting recommendations and getting hired.

It is not surprising that overtime, a lot of people have abandoned their main job to venture fully into their side hustle after discovering that it is giving them more income. Having a side hustle in Nigeria is a good idea as you can fall back to it if you eventually stop your primary job.

Online Side Hustles for Nigerians – Good Recommendations

If you are a Nigerian, these online side hustles is capable of generating both passive and active income for you. You need to be patient and consistent while doing some of them to achieve the best results.

Here are they;

1. Content Writing

Digital marketing has made content writing a lucrative means of earning for those who can do it. When you here content writing, don’t think that it is only writing articles or website blog posts because it extends beyond that.

Content Writing involves writing posts on video script, social media posts, Email Newsletter, Podcasts, YouTube Videos, Website’s blog post and articles, Keynote speeches and so on. The good thing about content writing is that once you are a good content writer, you can work for more than one organization.

You make money as a content writer by offering freelancing services. You can find suitable clients on job platforms such as Fiverr and Upwork. Selling of E-books, courses or your articles to people is another way. You can equally contact companies directly whom you think might be in need of your service. Create a portfolio website, build trust and market yourself. Showcasing your work on social media is also another way to attract clients.

2. Blogging

In my earlier post, I explained how profitable blogging is still in Nigeria. If you are a good content writer also, this is a good opportunity for you to earn good amount of money online. As a blogger, you need to have a website or platform where you write on specific niches or create videos.

Once you have a reasonable number of followers or traffic, you can monetize your site or platform. Your website can be built on WordPress, Wix and Blogger. Your platform can be on YouTube or other Social Media platforms. Companies and individuals can contact you for paid adverts and promotions. Try to be consistent, create quality contents to attract more followers and traffic.

3. Online Tutoring

As the world is advancing digitally, other areas of human activities follows suite. Online tutoring is a way of teaching courses and offering lessons using digital services. Many people realized the need for online tutoring during the COVID-19 era as it was used to deliver lectures in many institutions, organizations, companies and schools.

If you are good in a particular subject area, know that there is somewhere that your services may be highly needed. One thing about online tutoring is the convenience. In Nigeria today, students, workers and other apprentices are in need of online tutors to gain more knowledge. Thanks to some websites such as, Prep Class, Proteach,, Compass tutor etc where you can register as an online tutor to get hired and deliver your lectures. You can also have your own portfolio website to market your skills or join other tutors communities and platforms.

4. Selling Your Own Product Online

If you have something that you produce or you have a good supply of, you can sell such products online. At times, your job may not give you the opportunity or time to move around to do so. Don’t lose hope because you can still make money selling things as a side hustle in Nigeria.

Popular marketplaces in Nigeria such as Jumia and Konga has made it possible for you to sell or market your products at your convenience. All you need to do is to register or create an account with them for free. Start marketing your products, be ready to deliver when there is an order. You need to know that such marketplaces have their policies, terms and conditions which you need to abide by.

5. Affiliate Marketing

If you don’t have goods to sell or market, you can sell for other companies and individuals. In Nigeria, you can register with Jumia or Konga as an affiliate marketer. All you need to do is to pick their products that you want to promote, post the pictures and your affiliate link on your website, Whatsapp group, Social Media handles and get paid when someone orders these products and it gets delivered.

You will be given a percentage of commission from these orders and purchases. Other places you can register for affiliate marketing is Amazon, AliExpress, Etsy, it all depends on the type of product that you are capable of marketing.

6. Dropshipping

Online digital marketing has taken different forms and patterns. If you want to start a retail business online with little or no capital, then, dropshipping is for you. “Dropshipping is an order fulfillment method where a business doesn’t keep the products in stock. Instead, the seller purchases an inventory as needed by a third party – usually a wholesaler or a manufacturer to fulfill orders.”

Dropshipping involves you create a marketing platform. This can be an E-commerce store that you can start on a platform like WordPress or others. You can equally market on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter or your WhatsApp status.

All you need to do is to contact a trusted supplier or manufacturer who will deliver the goods when they are being ordered from your online store or website. You don’t need to have the goods in stock. Check out for legitimate suppliers and manufacturers who accepts dropshippers and start from there. You equally negotiate the percentage of commission you will be earning per sale.

7. Social Media Influencer

I like giving out online business ideas that are still working in Nigeria. It took me time to compile the best online side hustles for Nigerians, that is why I want you to know that social media influencing is not only for celebrities.

Social Media influencing involves sharing your opinions and views about a particular product or services on your social platforms which can convince your followers to purchase such products. At times, social media influencers goes extra miles to prove to you that they are actually making use of such products or services.

You can equally become a social media influencer by growing your followers, choosing a niche and engaging with your followers. Social Media influencers make money when companies and brands contact them to help them and market their. They will inturn receive payments from such offers.

8. Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing

If you have an ebook or other self publications that you want to make, then, Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing is for you. One of the things that I admire most about this platform is that you can register for free. You will get a guide on how to publish your books and also set the prices there.

You can earn upto 70% on royalties sells of your books to people from all over the world where Amazon delivers their product. For Nigerian publishers, you can receive your payment monthly when purchases are made using your Payoneer account.

9. Web development

If you are good in JavaScript, coding and programming, then, you can try to know more about web development. Web development is the process of creating, maintaining and designing of a website and web applications for internet and intranet usage. This is a highly lucrative online side hustle as you can get contracts from individuals, firms and companies.

Once you have gotten the web developer skills, another thing to do is to know how to market your skills. You can do this on your social media handles or portfolio website.

10. Video Editing and Graphic Design

Once you have a good video editing and graphic design skill, you can get hired by companies or individuals. Start by uploading your sample works on your platforms for visibility.

I hope you have gained a lot from our article “Best online side hustles for Nigerians.” Do not delay, start one today and start earning from it.

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