10 Small Businesses to Start in Nigeria that with Low Capital

Best Small Business to Start in Nigeria

Nigeria is among the commercial zones in Africa. Goods are imported into Nigeria from all over the world. They equally have their own produce that are sold within and outside the country. Notwithstanding that businesses are really thriving in the country, if you want to start a business in Nigeria, there are so many things that you need to consider.

I always advice people who are looking for small business ideas not to go into a business because your friend or another person you know is doing the business. There are a lot of factors that may be inherent in your locality that may not be in theirs. Yes, you will see business ideas for small business in Nigeria with low capital here, but consider these things.

You need to carry out a proper market survey before going into any business. Check your target market area, know what people are really patronizing. Make your choice of business putting into consideration if you have the factors needed for that particular business to thrive. For instance, a person who wants to sell cold drinks should understand that if there isn’t constant power supply in his or her vicinity, he or she will spend a lot buying fuel and diesel. At the end of the day, the profit for such a business may not be high. We have made a good compilation of small business ideas in Nigeria that are highly profitable.

Small Business Ideas to Start in Nigeria with Low Capital

1. Fashion Designing

Despite the influence of civilization in Nigeria, one of the things that Nigerians still upholds is their traditional mode of dressing. It is of no doubt that fashion designers in this country are making it big. You must not necessarily go into making of traditional clothes as a fashion designer in Nigeria, other English wears are also marketable.

Starting up a fashion designing will not take you do much capital. With the fundamental equipments like; tailoring machine, weaving machine, etc, you are good to go. Choose a good business location for your shop. You can equally start in your home if you are not ready to rent a shop. Sample your Designs on various platforms to gain visibility and orders. Your charges will depend on the type of cloth that you are making.

2. Hair Salon/Hair Barbing

This type of small business will be giving you unimaginable profit. Hair salon/Hair barbing salon thrives well in satellite areas. You don’t need much capital to start up a hair barbing business. With your clippers and other tools, you are good to go. Men loves it when there hair are neatly barbed and shaved. Give out your best to gain more patronage.

If you are going into hair salon business, have it in mind that you need to prove that you really know what you are doing to gain more patronage. To run a standard hair salon business, the equipments maybe a little bit high but affordable. Braiding and fixing tools are not that expensive. You may need a generator, dryer, etc to run this business.

3. Poultry Farming

Poultry Farming is among the profitable small businesses in Nigeria. Before you go into this business, make sure that you have a good place to keep the birds. Rearing of birds can be done in cage, fenced areas or in specially built poultry houses. You need to have a good orientation of care and cost of poultry before going into this business.

There are many breeds of birds, make inquiry to know the one that will give you good profit and that you can properly take care of. Some people just brood and sell while others rears till maturity. The maturation period depends on the breed and how they were taken care of. One of the things that I admire about poultry business is that you can sell the faeces, eggs as well as the birds itself.

4. Catering/Food Vendor Business

Food business is really thriving these days. A lot of people now hire the services of a caterer to cater for food needs in their occasion. If you are caterer, all you need to do is to make yourself and your services known to attract clients. Have the necessary things like plates, coolers, spoons, etc in place Incase if it will be needed by your clients. Most times, those appliances maybe rented from you.

Apart from catering services, you can equally be a food vendor. You can open a mini restaurant or decide to hawk your food with a truck. All you need to display is a high level of good hygiene, package your products very well, make sure that your food is tasty, sell at an affordable price to attract more customers. Food business works well in busy areas.

5. Pure Water Business

This is among the hidden business opportunities in Nigeria. If you want to do this business in a small scale, all you need to do is to look for a trusted pure water manufacturing company and be placing your orders with them. You can be selling in bags to people who needs it.

To boost sells, you can chill the pure water in freezers for customers who may want it in that form. The rate of your turnover will determine your profit. Note that the suppliers will be selling to you at a discounted rate. Pure water selling can be combined with other things such as drinks.

6. Laundry Services

A lot of people are too busy these days to do their laundry. They may not equally have the skill to put their clothes in the right way they need it. Laundry Business is among the business that Nigerians are now clinging to. Starting a laundry Business requires you to have a good area to do the business, a washing machine, a dryer and an electric iron. Check for other needed equipments too.

7. Rental Services

People that have upcoming events looks for places to rent chairs, canopies, plates, spoons, coolers and others. You can open this business with a small capital and expand it gradually. Make sure that your rentable materials appears neat with good quality for more patronage. Make your brand well known.

8. Selling of Wearable Materials

Selling of Clothes, shoes, jewelries and other wearable items is an all season market. All you have to do is to check out for what people around you are really patronizing. Make your business stand out by selling quality and affordable wearables. You can sell for kids, teenagers as well as adults.

9. Snacks Production and Selling

Snacks are among the most patronized foods in Nigeria. If you have the skill to do this, you will make a reasonable amount of money from it. The popular snacks in Nigeria are; meat pie, puff puff, doughnut, egg roll, and others. After production, you can sell in wholesale as well as retail. Get contacts of those who may need your product.

10. Fish Farming

Ever since agriculturists enlightened people on how the can easily raise fingerlings to matured fish for sale, a lot of people have really benefitted from this business. You can start this business with drones or build a fish pond for it. Have a good knowledge of how to raise and take of these fingerlings before going into this business. You can sell in wholesale or retail.

I believe that you have really benefitted from best small business to start in Nigeria. Do well to have a good background information and survey of any business that you are choosing.

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