What to Look for When Buying Clothes Online – Important Things to Check

What to Look for When Buying Clothes Online

Buying things online can be “tricky”, you may get tricked by your eyes or by the seller. One of the items that requires careful consideration before purchasing online is cloth. It doesn’t end in seeing that amazing outfit online, you equally need to ask yourself if what you are seeing is what you will get when you make an order. If you are living in Nigeria, you maybe conversant with “what I ordered vs what I got” picture displays.

You need to know what to look out for when buying things online to avoid regretful stories. Take for instance, you are planning a ceremony, and you made your choice of outfit in an online store, your cloth that was being delivered at the last minute didn’t not meet up with your expectations. Even if you return such a cloth with a good refund policy in place, you may not be able to get what you want in that short interval again.

It is good to get the value of the product you are purchasing online. Your experience with a particular online vendor may not be the same with another. Don’t assume, always take out time to make the necessary inquiries and researches concerning the cloth that you want to buy online.

What to Look for When Buying Clothes Online

Legitimacy of Vendor

I choose this as the first thing to consider because it matters a lot. It is good that you get what you ordered for and also in a good condition. Check whether the vendor has good reviews and how authentic these reviews are. It is equally good to check whether the cloth that you intend to buy from this vendor has been purchased by other people and what they think about it, all these can be found under the reviews and comment section. If you have a specific date that you want to make use of this dress, it is also important you inquire whether you will get this dress at your desired date so as not to be disappointed. Don’t forget to ask about the location of the vendor as well as terms and conditions associated with the purchase and delivery of the cloth that you want to buy.

Check for the Refund Policy

At times, the pictures of clothes being displayed by online cloth vendors is primarily displayed to catch the attention of the online buyer. When the cloth delivered to you do not meet with your expectations, you can comfortably return it and have your money refunded to you. When there is no refund after purchase, you may not have any other option than to accept what was delivered to you. That is why most online shoppers prefers the pay on delivery option as it gives them the opportunity to make their choices and reject the product when they are not comfortable with it and still have nothing to loose.

Check the fabric type

There are many types of fabrics. Depending on the type of cloth you are purchasing, some of the popular fabric types are cotton, wool, polyester, silk, crepe, chiffon, Organza, Velvet, Rayon, Lace, Sequins and so on. The type of fabric used in the production of a cloth may affect its price, durability and suitability for some styles. It will also help you to know whether the cloth you are buying will be lightweight or heavy weight. Equally, some fabric types are suitable for making clothes for specific occasions. It can also help in noting other indications like absorbency, elasticity and whether it will fade or shrink easily.


Always have it mind that the measurement of the cloth being displayed by the online vendor may not be exactly what it seems. The cloth size maybe adjusted during display. Know your exact cloth measurements or size and inquire from the seller if such size will be available. Some of the parameters used in measurement are; length, bust, waist, etc. The sizes can be Medium (M), Large (L), XL (Extra Large) and so on.


Don’t always assume that the exact color of cloth displayed by the online vendor maybe always available. It is good to specify the color of cloth that you want and check whether it is available. Also, remember that each color has various shades. For instance, if you say blue, it may come in shades like Royal blue, sky blue and others.

Country or place of production

At times, the country or place of production of a particular Cloth is important to know. For example in Nigeria, people lay more emphasis on foreign materials than locally made materials. No wonder you will see them looking for clothes made in countries like United Kingdom, Italy, United States of America, Vietnam, China, Columbia and others. Also, the country of production may affect the ratings and price of the product.

Check whether it is newly made or second hand or fairly used cloth

Do not be deceived, not all the flashy clothes displayed online is newly made. Some are second hand or fairly used clothes. At times, some online vendors buy clothes from people who are in need of money or sell their own clothes in disguise as newly made clothes. Be specific about what you want and ask questions about the condition of the cloth that you want to buy.

Price of the Cloth

It is worthy to note that before completing the order, you need to visit other online stores and compare and contrast in terms of price. Check for the exact product that you want to buy and note the difference in price. This will guide you in knowing the real worth of the clothes that you want to purchase. Make sure that the cost of delivery of the cloth and the actual price of the cloth are clearly stated to avoid embarrassment from both the buyer and seller.

Now that you have known what to look for when buying clothes online, it is now time to enjoy your online shopping. Take out time, visit so many online clothing stores and make your selection. Like I said earlier, check the legitimacy of the vendor and the quality of cloth that you want to purchase so as to derive the maximum satisfaction from the goods you want to order for.

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