Types and Prices of Clothes Hangers in Nigeria

Types and Prices of Clothes Hangers in Nigeria

Having a good place to hang your cloth should be in your priority list if you want to appear kept always. Aside from this, as a boutique owner or cloth vendor, you need a good cloth hanger to display your clothes. In Nigeria, the prices of clothes hangers is influenced by the type and material used in producing it. You can get these cloth hangers stands or racks from both online and physical stores in Nigeria.

Why You Need a Good Cloth Hangers as a Boutique owner/cloth

In order to get the attention of more buyers, your clothes needs to be neatly placed. Proper display of your clothes will help the customers to have a clear view of what you have in store. When you do this, there wouldn’t be much need for answering questions like; What type of clothes are you selling? Will I find my choice from your collections?, and so many of such questions. It will equally ease you the stress of searching your bags always. In short, it saves time for both the seller and the buyer by making for easy searching and also preserves the cloth from squeezing and losing its quality early.

Why you need a cloth hanger in your home

Cloth hangers helps to keep your cloth in good condition always. After washing your clothes, the best place to place it to dry is in a cloth hanger. It makes the room to look decent. New moms are advised to place their babies washed clothes in hangers to avoid contamination and hastening of the drying of the clothes. You equally need to hang your clothes after ironing them to avoid squeezing and it also saves other clothes from stain from fast dyed materials after washing.

What to Consider When Buying Clothes Hangers

Material Used in Producing it: Cloth hangers can be made from different materials such as Iron, plastic, steel or wood. This will determine its price and usage. The weight of a hanger is also influenced by the material used in producing it. For instance, a cloth hanger made of steel or plastic will be lighter than the one made of wood or iron. The material used in producing it may also influence its usage and price.

Outdoor or Indoor Usage: The type of cloth hanger that you should buy will also be influenced by the type of usage intended for it. Wood or Iron hanger will not be a good choice for outdoor usage because it will rust or absorb water in the case of wood and spoil easily. Boutique owners should choose stylish cloth hangers as this will add more beauty to their store.

The Size: You need to consider the space available for keeping the cloth hangers before making a purchase. For boutique owners, you should consider the cloth hanger that will contain a good number of clothes while also allowing the free movement of your customers inside your shop.

Types and Prices of Cloth hangers in Nigeria

1. Single Pole Steel Cloth Hanger with Wheels (N13,000)

Types and Prices of Clothes Hangers in Nigeria

This cloth rack is lightweight and comes with an adjustable height. You can use it for outdoor and indoor hanging of clothes. The base can be used for keeping light laundry equipments.

2. Steel Cloth Hanger with Wheels (N45,000)

Types and Prices of Clothes Hangers in Nigeria

This hanger can serve as both a home or boutique hanger. The wheels on the hanger will make it easier for its position to be comfortably adjusted. The double pole will help it to withstand pressure thereby making it to be durable.

3. Coated Iron Cloth Hanger With Lower Storing Shelf (N18,000)


Save the space for keeping other things in your room with this multifunction iron cloth hanger. Your handbags, shoes and small boxes can be kept in this cloth hanger at once. The hooks by the side is suitable for hanging your handbags or hats.

4. Steel Foldable Cloth Hanger for Outdoor (N16,500)

Types and Prices of Clothes Hangers in Nigeria

This is among the cloth hangers that I will recommend for new Moms and those with kids. This hanger is good for sun drying your clothes. It also have multi steps that can accommodate so many clothes at a time. You can equally fold and keep it at a place when not in use.

5. Single Pole Iron Cloth Hanger

Types and Prices of Clothes Hangers in Nigeria

Consider this type of cloth hanger when you want to save some space in your room or cloth store. It is very durable and heavyweight.

6. Telescopic Foldable Cloth Hanger (N18,000)


This cloth hanger is suitable for both indoor and outdoor usage. It has a strong base and made with thick poles that enables it to withstand pressure.

7. Steel Cloth Display Hanger


This is a good cloth hanger for boutique and clothing stores. You can place it close to the wall or any other favourable position in your store. Very durable with a nice look.

8. Multifunction Cloth Hanger and Shoe Rack (17,000)

Types and Prices of Clothes Hangers in Nigeria

After hanging your clothes, you can comfortably put other accessories that you wish to put at the rack. Clothing items such as bags, shoes, belt or hats can be kept in this type of hanger.

9. Heavy Duty Iron Cloth Hanger


If you are thinking of that hanger that can accommodate a good number if clothes and still stand upright, then, think if purchasing this heavy Duty Iron hanger. It has a strong base that enables it to withstand pressure.

10. Double Stand pole Steel Cloth Hanger (N11,000)

Types and Prices of Clothes Hangers in Nigeria

This cloth hanger is suitable hanging your clothes inside your room or in your clothing store. The base is also good for keeping your shoes or light laundry equipments.

Now that you’ve seen the types and prices of Clothes Hangers in Nigeria, go ahead and make your choice. Choose according to your need and budget. The prices will give you a clue as there maybe fluctuations in the prices of these Hangers in the market.

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