Online Shopping Websites in Nigeria that are Reliable

Online Shopping websites in Nigeria that are reliable

In Nigeria today, it is of no doubt that online shopping is gaining ground. There is also a high level of competition among online vendors each trying to prove that they are best. The number of online stores in the country keep on increasing on a daily basis, it is now left for the buyer to make his or her choice. After COVID-19, it became clearer to a lot of Nigerians that is time to embrace this type of shopping because of its convieniency.

Though there are lot of online shops present in Nigeria, but there seems to be the best and the ones that have stand the taste of time and still waxing stronger. Before I embark on shopping for any item online in Nigeria, I visit some of these online shops to check out what their own products look like, in short, the serve as a basis to other online shops. Such popular online shops are in the first list of online shoppers in Nigeria.

Despite their popularity, there are certain things that you as the buyer needs to know about them. You also need to carry out a background check of every seller that you want to purchase his or her goods in these online marketplaces, before making any Payment, check the terms and conditions attached to the product that you want to buy. Most importantly, cross check the web address or Url before making payment to avoid being scammed.

Online Shopping Websites in Nigeria that are Reliable

1. Jumia

When you think about the biggest online shopping website in Nigeria, then , Jumia should be in the top list. Since the inception of Jumia online shop in Nigeria, it keeps on attracting a lot of buyers and sellers. You can shop for your fashion, electronics, groceries, home appliances and a wide list of other products at Jumia. Jumia have coupon codes, offers discount and bonuses for some of their products. Depending on the product you are purchasing from their online store you can pay on delivery or before delivery. Jumia offers other online services such as payment of electricity bill, internet bill and DStv bill. Note that Jumia has their own products and also have products being sold by registered sellers on their website.

2. Konga

Just like Jumia, Konga is also a big online marketplace in Nigeria. It deals with products in Fashion, Computers and Phones, Groceries and Health and other products. Konga also have their periodic discount sales, promos and offers. They also have physical stores in some parts of the country. They have their own logistics which ensures timely arrival of ordered goods.

3. Jiji

Jiji is a classified ads online shopping site. One of the things that makes this shopping site popular is that it harbours different types of sellers and buyers. You can buy both new and fairly used items in Jiji. You can also search for available apartments for rent and look for people offering different services in Jiji. This is why it calls for a great review when shopping on this online platform.

4. OList

OList is an E-commerce website in Nigeria that connects buyers and sellers. You can buy both newly and fairly used items on OList. You can equally search for real estate properties and find job listings in this website. Check out items like cars, laptops, phones and other electronics and so many others in OList marketplace.

5. Slot

Slot is an online shopping platform for retailers. They sell products like Electronics, Computers, Phones, Gadgets, Laptops and other accessories. Slot sells their own products as well as products from other brands.

6. Ajebomarket

This online shopping site is where you will get men accessories. Ajebomarket shopping platform deals with men clothings, shoes, accessories sports and others.

7. Payporte

Payporte is an online fashion store. It deals on fashion items such as clothes, shoes, bags, sunglasses, cosmetics for both men, women and kids.

What to know about the online shopping websites in Nigeria

1. Some requires you register before making purchase

For some online shopping sites in Nigeria like Jumia, you don’t just visit the website and start placing your orders, you need to create an account with them with your E-mail and Phone number before placing your orders which will be stored in your orders. You also need to provide the address that the items that you ordered will be delivered to you.

2. There maybe additional cost for delivery in some locations

Some of these online shopping platforms may charge you additional fees depending on the location. Don’t be surprised when for instance, someone in Lagos gets his ordered goods delivered to him or her at a lower cost. This is also dependent on the location that the seller is shipping the item from.

3. Some items maybe pay on delivery or pay before delivery

Before placing your order, you need to know the payment options. Some items maybe place on pay on delivery while others maybe placed on pay after delivery.

4. Check the payment methods

The payment methods may not be the same for all online shopping websites. For instance, you can pay through Payoneer, PayPal and more while others maybe limited to bank transfers, debit cards or credit cards and other payment options. You need to confirm on the type of payment available before placing your order.

5. Refund Policy

The refund policy also differs from various online shopping sites. Some online vendors will not accept a refund after payment or delivery. Others will have the number of days that they will no longer accept a refund request. This is one of the reasons why so many online buyers in Nigeria are embracing the pay on delivery option.

6. Shipping Time

Depending on the urgency of the need of your ordered goods, you need to check for the time it will take for you to get your ordered goods. Some may require a day, a week or two weeks interval. It is also dependent on the location of the seller and buyer including the availability of the ordered product.

Online Shopping websites in Nigeria is a succour for those with tight schedules that do not permit them to visit physical stores. It also gives you the opportunity to analyze different products and their Prices.

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