Production Businesses in Nigeria that will Grow Easily

Best Production Business in Nigeria

Are you thinking of going into production business in Nigeria? It’s a good idea because you will make a lot of profit from it if you choose the right one for you. Some of these production business in Nigeria requires small capital whereby others are capital intensive. You can do some yourself or hire workers for greater output.

The things that you need to consider before starting a manufacturing business in Nigeria is the availability of the raw materials. For instance; if you want to start a palm oil processing or manufacturing business, areas where there are enough palm oil plantation will be highly recommendable. Unless you will be able to handle the cost of transporting it to wherever your location is. You will also consider the marketability of your final product. Access to market and other basic equipments and amenities required should be put into consideration.

The popular production businesses in Nigeria are; bread making, pure water production, palm oil processing, snacks production, block manufacturing, bread making, soap production and so many others. Most of the types of manufacturing businesses that you will see here can be done in a small or large scale depending on your capital. Have it in mind that most of these businesses will require the certification by appropriate bodies in Nigeria to check for quality and standard. Example of such body is NAFDAC.

Production Businesses in Nigeria that Will Grow Easily

1. Bread Making

Bread have a high demand in Nigeria. Millions of bread are consumed each day in this country. This production business is capital intensive most especially when you want to start it on a large scale. Have it in mind that you need to have a proper training before starting up a bakery business. Some of the equipments required to start a bread making business are; Baking Oven, Generator, Flour Mixer, Bread wrapper supply, Baking pans, Slicing Machine, Supply Truck and others. Your bread should be affordable, have good taste and quality for quick sales. You need to build a good bread factory too.

2. Pure Water Production Business in Nigeria

It is of no doubt that pure water is in high demand in Nigeria. Most homes in this country do not take ordinary water. Pure water can be sold in retail at any location because it is convenient to take anywhere. Adequate neatness and quality must be maintained in this business. You can produce bottle (table) or sachet Water. This business is capital intensive. You should have a good tested water supply source before starting this business.

3. Palm Oil Processing

Palm oil is a convenient oil used by most Nigerians in cooking various dishes. It is also used for industrial production. Palm oil is extracted from palm fruit. The extraction requires different stages which involves different equipments. This business thrives well both in the rural and urban areas. You should have a good supply of the palm fruit for this business. Some of the machines needed are; Palm kernel crusher, Nut separating machine, oil press machine and extraction machine.

4. Livestock Feed Production

The demand for livestock in the country is increasing day by day. Therefore, a lot of people are now engaged in livestock farming to meet the demand. You can produce livestock feed for poultry, fish feed, cattle feed and others. Source for the raw materials and equipments required to start this business.

5. Soap Production

If you are considering this business, equally know that liquid soap is in high demand in the country. Dish washing liquid, body soap and laundry soap are good options. You can start this business in a small scale with a small capital or large scale. Have a basic knowledge of the chemicals and other equipments needed in their preparation.

6. Block Manufacturing

The block manufacturing business is really booming in the country. A lot of people building houses these days prefers to buy blocks from block industries. Get the necessary machines needed to start this business and choose a nice working location. Some of the raw materials you need is sand, cement and water.

7. Snacks Production Business

A good number of the country’s population consumes snacks on a daily basis. The most popular snacks in the country are; meat pie, doughnut, peanut, puff, biscuits and others. This is a great business ideas for small business and people with small capital. You can equally start this business from home and increase the scale gradually.

8. Flour Production Business in Nigeria

Flour is also well patronized in the country. There are many types of flour that you can produce. This includes; Wheat flour, Millet flour, Beans flour and others. This business requires simple machinery and you can start it with small capital.

9. Furniture Manufacturing

Furniture business never go out of style. If you have this skill, it will be easier for you to establish this business otherwise employ capable hands that will handle the business for you. Upholstery, Wooden Chairs, tables, cupboards are really in high demand these days. You need simple tools and a good location to start this business.

10. Leather Bags and Shoes Production

Nigeria is among the countries that produces quality raw leather material. For you to stand out in this business, your products should be of high standard. You can produce finished products like handbags, laptop bags, purses, wallets, slippers, shoes etc. There are many available markets that you can easily market your goods. This is a good business ideas for small entrepreneurs which you can expand later.

Best Production Business in Nigerian will guide you when you want to go into that production business. Before starting, check the marketable goods in your Target market, check the availability of raw materials. You can equally inquire from others doing the business to know more about how you can make a good profit from it. In short, carry out a good market survey.

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