10 Trending Products to Sell in Nigeria with high Turnover

Trending Products to Sell in Nigeria

If you are intending to start a business, for you to succeed in your business, you should know the trending products in your location and sell more of them. There are season and time for some products while other products sells all year round. If you are importing your products from China or any other country to Nigeria, I will advise you to meet honest people selling such products to know their level of turnover before importing your products or goods.

High demand products in Nigeria currently is mainly found in fashion category, electronics, beauty, appliances and phones. At times, some consumable goods can equally be in a high demand. If you are looking for the trending products to sell online in Nigeria, you can equally visit some online marketplaces to check for orders and reviews.

One of the things that makes sellers of different products to incur heavy losses is when they import or produce low demand products. It is of no doubt that some high demand products may not be a high demand product the next year. Your marketing strategy should guide you on how to make sure that you don’t import or have excess low demand products.

I have conducted a research which I think will help you when choosing the products to sell in Nigeria both online and offline.

Trending Products to Sell in Nigeria

1. Phones

Nigeria is among the African countries that embraces new technology easily. The use of mobile telecommunication gadgets is on the increase in this country every year. Phones of various types are being sold in good numbers in Nigeria everyday. While some high class citizens of this country goes for the expensive ones, others goes for affordable ones.

If you are a phone dealer or importer, you need to consider the various classes of people living in the country before making your wholesale purchase. People also purchase phones based on their needs, for instance, the storage capacity of the phone, the battery life, camera quality amongst other things. Also you need to go for known products or while going for unknown products, convince them while you think it is the best.

2. Beauty Products

Beauty Products are being used by a great percentage of the population every day. This is a good example of a product that is being used by both the male and the female. Perfumes and creams should be in your priority list when you think about beauty products to sell in Nigeria.

Another area that you need to pay attention to is cosmetics. Lipsticks, Lipglosses, Powders, Pancakes, and make-ups of various types are widely patronized by Nigerian ladies. One of the things that I admire about these products is that you can easily sell them online. Make your products to stand out by buying quality ones, also make it affordable.

3. Men’s Shoes

Nigerian men are fashionable. It has been observed that men shoes are among the fast selling products online in Nigeria. One of the thing about this category of product is that it has a high profit margin. Whether it is casual or corporate shoes, you will have a high selling rate with it.

Consider the trending type of shoe that you want to sell, whether it is sneakers, boots, loafers, sandals, slippers, formal or casual shoes, always go for the best.

4. Men’s Clothing

When you think about the top products to sell online in Nigeria, men’s fashion should be in your list. Most men who may not have enough time to go to shops or markets to buy their clothing prefers to buy them online. Men’s Clothing items such as Jeans, shirts, t-shirts, polos and trousers are greatly patronized by them.

5. Women’s Wigs and Weavons

Ladies and women are not dulling when it comes in terms of taking good care of their appearance. Their hair is one aspect that they don’t neglect. Wigs and Weavons are really trending for Nigerian Ladies as they find it more comfortable, long lasting and less time consuming to make or fix unlike braids. If you want to sell such a product, have a mixture of both synthetic and human hair. Make it affordable for various classes of ladies. You can equally go as far as selling maintainace creams and oils for these products.

6. Home Appliances

Home appliances are easily marketable in Nigeria. The most common place that you need to focus when looking for trending products to market in Nigeria in terms of home appliances is kitchen utensils and gadgets. Although, other categories may equally sell well depending on your location. Examples of home appliances that you can sell are; refrigerators, cooking Gas, electric iron, freezers and the rest of them.

7. Women’s Clothing

The fashion industry in Nigeria keeps on growing as the day goes by. When you want to venture into selling women’s clothing, carry out a proper market survey to know what is currently trending for women in Nigeria. Buy quality and fashionable clothing items for quick sale.

8. Electronics

Televisions, DVDs, VCDs, (Audio and Video Players), Speakers and Stabilizers are among the popular electronics that you can sell in Nigeria. Other types of electronics usable in Nigeria are equally marketable. Most homes in Nigeria cannot do without these electronics and are always ready to upgrade or replace when necessary. Look for durable and quality so as to attract customers.

9. Baby Products

Baby products is undoubtedly among the trending products in Nigeria. Consider selling babies clothing, creams, soaps and other accessories. Pregnant and new mums are always looking for the best babies care products, take this opportunity to make a good sale.

10. Computing Products

Different types of computing products are also among the high selling products in Nigeria. Companies, business owners, individuals are buying computers, laptops and other devices on a regular basis. When you want to sell these products in Nigeria, go for quality and affordable ones.

The list of the trending products in Nigeria was made based on the survey carried out on various marketplaces and locations. Before trying to sell any of the products, do a thorough market survey based on the location of your business.

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