How to Buy on Jiji in Nigeria ( – Easy Steps

How to buy on Jiji in Nigeria

It is of no doubt that buying things online is becoming more popular as the day goes by. In Nigeria today, people are sticking to this method of purchase because of its conveniency in terms of choice making, payment and delivery methods. Here, we will be looking at how you can buy things on Jiji.

Jiji is an online marketplace established in Nigeria by Anton Volianskyi in the year 2014. Since this online marketplace was established, it has recorded a steady growth in the country. Jiji is a website that brings buyers and Sellers in contact. It also has its mobile version which can be downloaded from Google play store. Aside being present in Nigeria, Jiji also operates in other African countries such as Nigeria, Kenya, Uganda, Ghana and Tanzania.

When you visit, it has categories such as Vehicles, Property, Mobile Phones and tablets, Electronics, Home Furniture and Appliances, Cosmetics, Toys, services, Pets, Fashion, and also job vacancies. Goods of various grades are sold on this website. For instance, you can get both first grade and fairly used items from this website. Its competitor in terms of online marketplace in Nigeria is Jumia.

How to Buy on Jiji in Nigeria

1. Visit Jiji website

You can search for from Google search or download the app from Google play store. Always cross check the websites url so as to make sure you don’t visit deceptive sites.

2. Choose the category that you want to order from

Immediately you visit the website, you will see various categories, choose the category that you want to buy from and search for the desired product that you are looking for.

3. Apply the filter to enable you choose your desired product

When you click on the particular category that you want to buy from, you will see a lot of products already in the categories. Some of these products that are first displayed may not be your choice, the filter contains options like; Region, Price, make, newest, recommended, higher or Lowest in price, go ahead and click your desired option.

How to buy on Jiji in Nigeria
Apply filters;

4. Check for details of the product

Each product has its own specifications, therefore, it is necessary to check for such details before placing an order. Details such as Price, Type, condition, model, color, make and others can be found in the bottom of the description of the product.

5. Check for the contact of the seller

You will see the details of the seller after the product’s description. You can request to view the contact of the seller, request call back and even start a chat or drop a message for the seller.

How to buy on Jiji in Nigeria
Check for the seller’s Contact;

6. Bargain and Conclude with the seller

At times, you can bargain with the seller and have the price of the product reduced. You should also inquire where to meet the seller (choose a safe place), try and inspect the product, conclude on payment method and delivery mode. Do not pay for a product that you have not seen.

Things to Know Before Shopping on Jiji

1. It connects buyers and sellers

Unlike Jumia that sometimes sells its own products, the goods you are ordering from Jiji solely belongs to individuals or businesses, therefore you are only connecting with them through this platform. It is now your responsibility to carry out proper information check about the seller.

2. Every Seller in Jumia registers with their details

This platform gives you the opportunity to check the profile of the seller. You should know that what you will see there is the information that the seller chooses to display. It doesn’t mean that such information has been verified to be true or false. Make use of the areas of the information that you may need. Information such as location of the seller, picture, his or her contact can be seen on his or her profile.

3. Check for customer’s ratings

Reviews helps the buyer to know what other buyers thinks about the seller. Good reviews is an indicator that other buyers finds such a seller Worth patronizing.

4. Meet the seller and check the goods before making payments

Don’t pay for goods and products without inspecting it. You can choose the pay on delivery method. When you want to see the seller, choose a safe public place, check the goods to know whether it meets up with your expectations, check for its documentations, ask for receipts and evidence of payments when necessary.

5. Be careful, do not make payments when you are told that your goods will be shipped from abroad

Jiji connects buyers and sellers in Nigeria, therefore, whenever a seller tells you to pay for shipment for goods from outside the country, be careful of such vendor. It is advisable to only pay for goods that are available, you can check for the seller later to know whether more goods are available.

6. Do not disclose your personal details to any seller

No matter how you are being pressured to do so, do not disclose your personal information to any seller unless it is your delivery details when needed. Your credit card details, job details should be kept confidential. Remember to choose only your preferred payment option and confirm every transaction or transfer made to the seller.

7. Know the mode of delivery

After having an overview of the seller and the product, conclude on how the product will be delivered to you. You can pick it by yourself or have the seller deliver it to you. Conclude in the time for such delivery. Either ways, do not pay for a product that has not gotten to you.

Now that you have known how to buy on Jiji in Nigeria, go ahead and enjoy this method of online purchasing.

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