How to Order on Konga in Nigeria and get it delivered to you

How to Order on Konga in Nigeria

Online shopping came as a succour to many who prefers shopping from the comfort of their home. The number of people who prefers this method of purchasing goods and services gave rise to high level of competitiveness among online vendors. The number of online shopping sites in Nigeria keeps increasing as the day goes by. As an online shopper, you need to be careful and have a good check of each site that you want to order from. At times, some people finds it difficult to navigate or search and get exactly the information that they want from these online marketplaces. Here, we have taken time to guide you on how to order online on Konga and have your goods delivered to you.

Konga is among the popular online marketplaces in Nigeria. This online shopping site was established was established on July 2012 and its head office is in Gbagada, Lagos State. One of the things that makes unique is that it has third party online retailers that you can buy from as well as its own first-party retail products which you can buy directly from them. The popular categories that you can search for in Konga includes; Computers and Accessories, Phones and tablets, Konga fashion, Electronics, Home and Kitchen, Baby, kids and toys, Beauty, Health and personal care and other categories.

How to Order on Konga in Nigeria

1. Visit and search for your desired product

The first step to take is to visit site. You will see the search box on top of the website, you can search for products, brands and categories. You can equally see some displayed categories on the homepage as well as some products or brands which can be obtained from the official store. There is also a Konga shopping app which you can download from the play store.

2. Check for the product details and reviews

If you see the product that you want to order, check for the product details and have a close look at the photos. These includes; description, warranty, expiry date, refund policy, production details and place of production. At times, all of these information or details may no be available for the product as the seller decides. Consider the reviews because people leaves reviews to either encourage or discourage future buyers and also to express their satisfaction or dissatisfaction. Equally consider the number of units of the products that have been sold.

How to order on Konga in Nigeria

3. Analyze the seller’s reviews and details

Konga is an online marketplace that brings different third party sellers together, therefore, you need to check the details of the seller to know if he or she can be trusted or not. Review the seller’s details, check the amount of successful sales that the seller has made, check how long the seller has been on Konga, review how other buyers rate the sellers product quality, delivery time as well as communication.

3. Check for the delivery details

The terms and conditions of delivery is very important for you to check. The delivery time, delivery price and pickup station if available needs to be considered. Some online vendors can deliver your purchased goods directly to your doorstep while others may prefer a pickup station. Checking for the delivery time is very important so that you don’t end up buying a product that may not be delivered to you when you need it. Remember that at times, your location may affect the delivery time depending on the location of tye seller and location of Konga store around you. Always try to confirm this.

4. Create your Account

When you add your desired product to your cart, you will not be able to access it if you don’t have an existing account. So, all you need to do is to click on create account and fill the sign up form. Here, you will be required to fill in your; first name, last name, E-mail address, phone number and password. After creating your account, you can add your address. In your created account settings; you will see your info, contact details, your orders, track orders, Your wallet balance, saved orders, pending order and even cancel orders.

How to order on Konga in Nigeria

5. Choose your delivery Option

After creating your account, click on your saved items and select check out. Here, you will be required to fill your delivery details. Choose if you will like the product to be delivered to you or choose pickup store. Add a delivery address to specify your address. If you want to choose a pickup store, select from the available pickup stores and choose the one that is close to your location.

6. Choose a payment method

You can pay with your visa, verve or Konga pay. Some products can have the option for you to pay on delivery. After this, you click on confirm to complete your order. You can equally track your order with your tracking code on the Konga website.

Now that you have known how to order on Konga in Nigeria, go ahead and carry out that seamless shopping online. Remember that you need to take precautions during online shopping to avoid regrets and get the best online shopping experience.

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