12 Unique Business Ideas for Students in Nigeria

Business Ideas for Students in Nigeria

As a student, you may think of having a side hustle which you can earn something from. This is not a bad idea because I know a lot of things can make this necessary. You maybe thinking of having your own source of income or savings, it could be that the person sponsoring you is no longer available or you want to establish a business so that it will mature before you graduate from school.

Business Ideas for students in Nigeria will guide you on not only knowing the type of business you can do, but also how to go about it. The business type can either be online or physical. The universities in Nigeria are located in places where it will be convenient for you to sell your products easily. The business ideas here are those that you can start with either small or high capital depending on the scale you want to run it.

Let me let you know that the type of business that you will choose will depend on your capital. Another thing that you will also consider is whether you are living in campus or off campus because if it is bulky, you may need a place to park it and also stay and market those goods. This factor is mostly considered if you are selling physical goods.

Another thing that you need to pay attention to while choosing that business is your time. You don’t need to choose a business that will make your studies suffer. That is the reason why I don’t recommend students to sell perishable products because it is more time demanding.

Unique Business Ideas for students in Nigeria

1. Selling of Clothes

This is among the easiest and lucrative business that you can do as a student. You can do this business comfortably within the school premises and gain more patronage because most higher institutions in Nigeria are located far away from big markets.

The quality of clothes that you want to sell will depend on the amount of capital that you have. Also take time to observe what students in the environment that you want to start the business are really patronizing. For instance, in so many high institutions in the country, “Okrika” or fairly used clothes are well patronized.

2. Hairdresser/Hair Barbing

Whether you are a male or female student in Nigeria who has hairdressing or hair barbing skill, know that your pocket will never run dry if you make proper use of this skill. You can open up a barbing salon shop and operate it at your convenient time. All you need to do is to prove that you are good in this, people can even book you so that you can give them your own time.

Females who are good in hair braiding, fixing of weave ons or even retouching can equally follow the pattern of a hair barber, open your shop at your convenient time. You can equally do it at the convenience of your living area. To make more money, selling of hair accessories is recommended.

3. Printing/Selling of Recharge Cards

You may think that the use of online Apps in recharging of phone for data and calls is replacing recharge card selling. The answer is no. A lot of people still patronized recharge card vendors. The best way to go about this is by signing up for small scale recharge card printing which you can start with small capital.

Find the most available and widely used network within your vicinity before starting this business. One of the things that I like most about this business is that you can start it at the convenience of your house.

4. Dropshipping

There are many business options available for you as a student in Nigeria, dropshipping is among them. The internet and online marketplace is gaining enough popularity and is a fact that we can’t ignore. To start dropshipping, all you need is to sell products online without processing the products or having a physical store.

Contact the sellers or producers of such goods that you want to sell, sign up with them, market their products in online marketplace, website or your social media handles. When a customer makes an order, the goods will be supplied to them and you will get your own commission from such sale.

5. Establishing a Gym or fitness center

Nowadays, a lot of people wants to be physically fit. Some students likes to get that intimidating muscular look. You can take advantage of this by establishing a Gym or fitness center around your school vicinity. Get affordable equipments for this.

Check other gym and fitness centres to know their charge and know the range to place your own. You can equally be the fitness coach if you have the knowledge.

6. Laundry Business

A lot of students may not have enough time for their laundry. Offering this service will earn you a regular income. Also start with the laundry equipment that you can afford. For instance, with N50,000, you can get a washing machine, you can start with this and expand your budget later.

7. Tutoring

If you are highly knowledgeable in a particular Field or course, you can make money with this. If the course or field is offered in your institution, starting a physical tutoring class is not a bad idea. Otherwise, sign up for online tutoring and earn some bucks.

8. Establishment of business centres

During my higher institution days, I was delighted to know that a lot of places that we go for printing, photocopying and typing are owned by students. Open a mini cyber cafe today, if you are not always available, you can put someone that can assist you there. This is a way sure to make money because students have a lot of projects that requires your services.

9. Freelancing

Are you a good content creator or writer? Then, upgrade your skill and make money with it by signing up in some freelancing sites. Example of such site are Upwork and Fiverr. Have an eye-catching portfolio so that those that require your services will contact you.

10. Manicure and Pedicure Services

Looking good is one thing that most students do not take for granted. The feet and hands is one thing that obvious in every dressing style. Offering a manicure or pedicure treatment service is a good business for both male and female. You can start up this with little capital, get the skill and the required tools and instruments.

11. Graphic Design

Graphic Design is a trending skill both online and offline. You can go into various aspects of it depending on your ability. You can go into creating custom designs on cloths, designing of logos, Business cards, websites, banners, making of Saleable art works and graphic design tutor. There are so many opportunities in this skill.

12. Selling of Shoes

Whether it is male of female shoe, you will make good profit in this business category. Choose fashionable shoes. Go for quality and well designed shoes. Choose good location to market your products.


Now that you have seen the unique Business Ideas for students in Nigeria, make use of these ideas in raising Extra income for yourself. Before going into any business, carry out a good market survey.

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