Reasons Why Selling of Clothes is Profitable in Nigeria

Reasons why selling of clothes is profitable in Nigeria

Reasons why selling of clothes is profitable in Nigeria – It is of no doubt that Nigeria is among the well populated countries in Africa. One of the good things about the people living in Nigeria is that they are great “fashionistas.” Apart from their traditional clothing styles, Nigerians really adopted the Western dress style early and it has gained so much recognition in the country. If you want to sell clothes in Nigeria, you can sell either traditional clothing or English clothing.

The things that you need to consider whether you want to sell clothes online or offline in Nigeria is your location, your target group and the buying capacity of the people living in that area. Selling of clothes in Nigeria is profitable when you carry out a good market survey. For instance, people selling clothes around the areas where higher institutions are located in the country can testify the fact that “fairly used clothes” or “Okrika” sells faster in this area. This is because most of these clothes are affordable, thus, students can afford it. It can equally be attributed to the fact that students like appearing with different types of clothes for their lectures. Some other areas requires you to sell quality and classy clothes before you can a make sale.

Clothing business is very lucrative in Nigeria most especially when you have the areas where you can buy wholesale clothes at cheaper prices. A lot of cloth importers in Nigeria have made millions of naira due to the high patronage of clothing items.

Reasons Why Selling of Clothes is Profitable in Nigeria

1. You can start small and make it big

With little capital, you can start a clothing business in Nigeria. I know some people who started clothing business in Nigeria as hawkers that now have their own big stores. As long as you are buying what your target group likes, you are surely going to make a huge sale. It does not end in making sale, most times, you can buy a cloth with small amount of money, because that cloth looks okay, you will sell it at your own convenient price and make good money from it. Most people living in Nigeria are ready to spend their money on clothes that will look good on them.

2. Nigerian population is high and their clothing demand is also high

The number of containers of clothes being imported in the country and also those making clothes inside the country is a clear indication that clothing business is really moving and profitable in Nigeria. If you want to sell clothes, you can either go for the expensive or affordable one depending on your capital and location.

3. Most People living in Nigeria are “fashion conscious”

Permit me to let you know that Nigerians likes to look good. No matter the level of their income, they will still manage to get affordable clothes for themselves. When you start clothing business in Nigeria, you will really understand that “fashion” is their lifestyle. Just pay attention to the needs of the people living around you, check out the age and sex group that dominates that area including their level of patronage before starting your clothing business.

4. Nigerians have many occasions that requires “uniform”

If you know Nigerians well, one thing that you will notice during their ceremonies is people putting on the same cloth material design. This is mostly noticed in naming ceremony, weddings, birthday parties, child dedication, coronation and others. IF you want to venture into selling traditional clothing, sell beautiful lace, Asooke, Ankara and other traditional fabrics for great patronage. At times, T-shirts are equally use as uniform in some occasions. Therefore, selling of traditional clothing in Nigeria is also profitable because of its high demand. Check out for the trending materials and colors, to make great profit from buyers attending these ceremonies.

5. You may not need to rent an expensive store before you can start clothing business in Nigeria

Most people selling clothes in Nigeria do not spend money on renting of stores. Apart from online selling of clothes, you can hawk your clothes in the streets, stay in an open place in the market or even use the boot of your car to pack them when going to your selling points. This is common among cloth sellers in Nigeria. As the business grows, then, you may have made enough profit, you can decide to go for renting of Store.

6. Nigerians are great hustlers and their wardrobes needs to be frequently replaced

Most Nigerians works in an unfavourable conditions, thus, making their clothes to wear out easily. If you are staying in a highly populated area of the country, you will notice how people work under the rain and sun just to make a living. Their clothes needs to be frequently replaced, thus, they may resort to buying any type of cloth around them. If you are selling clothes in these areas, you wil have great turnover and profit.

I believe that you have known the reasons why Selling of Clothes is Profitable in Nigeria. Choose a nice location, consider the age bracket living there, buy according to your capital and enjoy your sale, sell at a good rate and make great profit.

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