Prices of 50kg Bag of Cement in Nigeria – Different Product Prices

Prices of cement in Nigeria

Cement is among the most important product in the construction industry in Nigeria. No matter the number of cement industries in Nigeria, the demand is so high compared to other building materials in country. The high inflation rate in Nigeria has led to constant fluctuation in the price of cement. Irrespective of the high cost of cement, billions of bags of cement is needed in the building of houses, construction of roads, bridges etc.

Most of the cement industries in Nigeria operates as private business. Despite the stiff competition among the various cement producing companies, the price range is still close. A close look at the prices of Cement in Nigeria in 2023 reveals that 50kg bag is within the range of N4,000-N4,800.

Things to Know Before Purchasing Cement in Nigeria

1. The price is not always constant

Like I mentioned before, cement is among the products in Nigeria that have an unstable price. It is very advisable to make enquires before purchasing this product in order not to get embarrassed. It is also worthy to note that cement is a seasonal product which can affect the product. At times, the rain can stop construction work thereby reducing the price because of low demand, more construction work are carried out during the dry season thereby necessitating the high demand for cement which can lead to increase in the price of cement during this season.

2. Location and Source of Supply can affect the price of Cement

It is pertinent to know that your location and the source of supply determines the amount you can spend in purchasing cement. Those that live closer to cement depots spends less than those that lives far away from it. The activities of middle men such as wholesalers, distributors and retailers influences the price of cement.

3. There are different companies that produces and distributes cement in Nigeria

When you are planning to buy cement in Nigeria, have it in mind that you will come across cement produced or packaged by different companies in Nigeria. This may equally influence the prices of cement. The popular cement companies in Nigeria includes; Dangote, Larfarge, Unicem, BUA and Ashaka.

4. It is packaged mainly in 50kg bag

Most of the cement used in building houses and doing other construction works in the country is packaged in a 50kg bag. Before making your purchase, you will determine the amount of bags that you need and make your order.

Prices of Cement in Nigeria

1. Dangote Cement

Prices of Cement in Nigeria

Dangote Cement 42.5 grade 3X is a product of Dangote company. It is the largest cement producing company in Sub-saharan Africa. This company started cement manufacturing in the year 2007 and have three fully integrated cement plant in Obajana, Igbese and Gboko.

2. BUA Cement

Prices of Cement in Nigeria

BUA Cement started its operations in 2008 and have its plants at Edo state and Sokoto states. It is among the cement industries that has continued to stand the taste of time.

3. Larfarge Cement

Prices of Cement in Nigeria

Larfarge Cement is the third largest cement company in Nigeria. It has its plant at Ewekoro and Sagamu in the South West and Mfamosing in the South.

4. Ashaka Cement

Prices of Cement in Nigeria

Ashaka Cement is a subsidiary company of Larfarge Cement. Its plant is located in the Gombe State of North East in Nigeria. This cement is also known as “the star of the north.”

5. UniCEM Cement

Prices of Cement in Nigeria

UniCEM Cement is also a subsidiary of Larfarge Cement. Its plant is located in the Mfamosing Calabar Area of Cross Rivers State.

Now that you have known the various brands of cement in Nigeria and their Prices, like I mentioned earlier, there maybe fluctuations in the prices of these products. Make inquiries to confirm the current price of cement in your location before placing your order. Try to also check the brand of cement that you are purchasing.

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