How to Start a Successful Bead Making Business in Nigeria

How to start a bead making business in Nigeria

One of the businesses that requires careful consideration before embarking on is bead making business. This is because there are many types of beads with different prices and this business requires you truly understand your target group. In Nigeria, bead is one of the traditional costumes that never goes out of style. It is worn by both men and women during traditional occasions like traditional wedding, coronation, festival and other ceremonies.

When you want to start bead making business in Nigeria , check out the bead designs that your target group admires. This can be obtained from your vicinity or even through social media. Knowing this will give you an insight on the type of bead that you should have more in your to-do list. Another thing to equally consider is the purchasing power of your target group, this will give you an insight on the quantity of beads to produce.

This is a good business idea for students, stay at home Moms and even the elderly. It is inexpensive and easy to start once you have learnt how to make it. Beads have been trending since ages in Nigeria and continues to come out in different forms. Bead jewelries is of no doubt found in the Fashion box of most Nigerians that’s why it is a good business to venture into.

How to Start a Bead Making Business in Nigeria

1. Go for Bead Making Training

You can’t just start making beads, you need to go and learn how to make beads first. While there a lot of of YouTube videos on how to make beads, I won’t advice you to totally rely on this because there are still more you can learn from bead making trainers. Check around you and look for where you can get a good bead maker that will train you on this. One of the things that you need to know before selecting the bead maker that will teach you is; the type of bead that he or she makes, the duration of the training and you may equally consider the charge.

There are many types of bead styles that serves different purposes, you have necklace beads, bracelets, caps, earrings, hair packers, bangles, rings, bags, shoes, slippers that are all made with beads. It is left for you to choose the ones that you are interested in learning.

2. Make Your Budget

After carrying out a good market research, it is now time to make your budget. The capital you have will determine the scale of your business. One thing I like about bead making business is that you can start with #50,000-#500,000 depending on your budget. If your mission is to make beads and sell to people, then, you can start with a lower amount of capital. That means you will be making less expensive beads.

Note; Have it in mind that you can equally teach others after acquiring your own training and charge them some fees. This is also another strategy of making money from this business.

3. Choose a brand name

You are into a business that you will be known for your designs and products, therefore, you should have a brand name. What I always advise people in this case is to go for a name that will make people to relate with your products easily. For example; If your name is “Caro” and you want to use it as your business name, you can you choose your brand name as “Caro beads” and so on.

4. Get Your Own Shop

At the initial stage, you can start from the comfort of your home, make your beads and sell to your friends and relatives. From there, you can grow a good customer base and decides to open a shop.This business requires you stay in satellite position where people will be able to see your various designs and displays. Also, consider where most of your target group resides before choosing the location for your business.

List of things that should be in your shop

Apart from making and selling your own bead designs, you can choose to sell bead making equipments and materials in your shop. This is a sure way to get a good patronage from people that are making beads and boost your sales. Let me give you an insight on the type of things you can sell in your shop;

Beads; Beads comes in different types. Some examples of beads that you can sell/use includes; Glass beads, Crystal Beads, Coral Beads, Pearls, Gemstones, Metal Beads, Wooden Beads, Swavoraski, Plastic Beads, Seed beads and others.

Beading Materials; Some examples of beading materials that you can sell/use includes; fishing line or beading wire, stoppers, hooks, pendants.

Beading Equipments/Tools; These are the various materials that makes beading easier. These are; scissors, Cutters, Beading loom, bead boards, trays and mats, Metal Wire tools, Glue, Bead Rimmers, Bead patterns, Bead spinner etc.

5. Choose a Good Supplier

To make a good profit from your bead business, you need to get a good bead and other materials/equipments supplier. Depending on your location, you can go to any big market around you and make inquiries on whom their suppliers are. When you get a supplier that will sell at a good rate to you, know that you will gain both from the beads that you are making and other things you are selling. If your intention is to sell beads and beading materials in wholesale, look for good importers that will sell to you at an affordable rate.

6. Set Prices for your products

If you are only making beads, the best way to determine the price tag of your beads is to calculate the cost of producing that bead and add your own profit. Remember to balance this because setting your price too high may give rise to low patronage while setting it too low may make your customers think that your products are of low quality. Therefore, check the prices that others are selling and set your own price. To get more customers, your price maybe slightly lower than what others are selling and you can gradually increase it. If you want to sell bead, equipments and materials, the price that you purchased it will also determine your selling price.

7. Package Your Products Very Well

One of the things that attracts people easily to fashion products is packaging. If you are into bead making business, you need to pay careful attention to this. Look for bead display mannequins so that people will have an an insight on the type and designs of beads you are selling. Most times, you don’t need to say much because your products will speak for you. There are mannequins that will allow you to display your neck bead, hand bead, earrings beads all at once. You can equally look for beautiful bead packing bags that are being sold in the market and use it to package your beads. Keeping the beads you have made in a container will make them to damage easily.

8. Advertise and Market Your Products

Apart from your physical shop, there are other methods that you can use to advertise your products. You can create a store with any of the popular E-commerce websites in Nigeria like Jumia, Konga and Jiji. Register and sell your goods online there. You can create your own website or store online and market your products. It is also advisable you make use of your social media handles or create dedicated pages for your business, this will help you to advertise your business to a larger audience. The social media platforms that you can do such includes; Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Threads, Pinterest and so many others.

Don’t get discouraged, starting a new business maybe demanding and tiring, but being consistent is a sure way to get to your dream business. Always be ready to learn new things in your business, when you are not making it, check out the reasons why it is so and try out new strategies. I hope you’ve benefitted from our article on “how to start bead making business in Nigeria”. Always visit here to check for more business ideas.

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