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How to Stop Feeling Lonely at the Work

You woke up in the morning or at any other hour with that full energy, dressed up and went to work. In the course of doing your work, you felt isolated and exhausted, it seems that you are the only one in the space. Yes, it is not strange to feel lonely at work as this can be caused by a lot of factors. The best way to conquer loneliness in the workplace is identifying the possible reason why you feel lonely, analyze it and also look for solution.

Causes of Loneliness in the workplace

Here are some reasons why you may experience loneliness in the workplace;

  • Not having a full knowledge of the job
  • The design of the workplace
  • Longer working periods
  • Individual differences
  • Attitude of other coworkers
  • Rules and the regulations in the workplace
  • Strict management
  • The use of too much technology

How to Stop Feeling Lonely at Work

Having known the various reasons why you may feel lonely at work, here are the various ways that you can tackle these challenges;

1. Concentrate on your work

It has been observed that a lot of new employees feels lonely in their first year in the job. This maybe attributed to the fact that most of them are not conversant with staying at a place for several hours. When you truly understand that you have to dedicate some hours solely to your job, there won’t be any space for loneliness during your working hours. You have to understand that no matter how tight your working hours maybe, there will always be a time that you can unwind.

2. Make Friends in your Workplace

Just like the saying goes “no man is an Island.” If you choose to isolate yourself in a working environment where there are other workers, you are bound to feel lonely. If you are afraid of making friends with the wrong people, then, take your time and study your colleagues to know the ones that you can be friends with. Having friends you can talk to or share your problems with will help you in conquering loneliness in your working place.

3. Don’t sit at a place for longer period

Sitting in the same place for long hours will definitely make you feel lonely most especially when you are in your own separate office. The best way to avoid this is to take some minutes and walk around. At times, instead of sending that Mail or communicating through the phone, you can simply walk in to that office and drop the letter or communicate the message.

4. Work with a team

In some organizations, different workers can come together to form a team or group. The aim of such a team maybe to solve a problem, invent an idea or prepare for a presentation. Even if you are an introvert, this will be a good opportunity to relate with others. Working with a team will make you to not only conquer loneliness but also to appreciate your working environment more.

5. Learn to be Positive

People tends to associate more with people that are positive than the opposite. Be confident with yourself, learn to be happy and also let your goodness radiate all over you. When you learn to make people feel happy and hopeful in your working environment, they will naturally be attracted to you. Always wear a cheerful smile and exchange pleasantries. Being positive will always help you to see the good side of life, keep your mind occupied with good things and therefore, wage off any form of the feeling of loneliness that wants to occupy your mind.

6. Learn to Share your problems and look for Solutions

Facing challenges in your workplace can weigh you down as well as make you feel lonely. When you learn to “talk your problems out” instead of harbouring them in your mind, you will never feel lonely in your workplace. There is always a solution somewhere to every problem even the one that may seem difficult for you to solve. If you are afraid of being underrated, then, find a trusted someone in your workplace that can help you solve such a problem.

7. Having Interaction with others during free periods

Interacting with others during your free periods is one of the best ways to conquer loneliness. Discuss with others about issues which must not be focused on your current work. Laugh when required, smile when necessary and exchange ideas.

8. Check out for items online

You can equally stay at your working seat and explore other things. If your working place do not put restriction on browsing on other sites, you can check out for items you may need online when you feel bored or lonely. You must not necessarily place an order, check out for their types and prices, you can bookmark and place an order when needed.

9. Talk to your boss

The loneliness you are experiencing in your workplace may not be your fault. Your management may have put some rules and regulations in place which restricts people from interacting with one another freely. Also the use of so many technology in executing tasks which could have been executed by different individuals can make working in such environment lonely and boring. When you notice these, you can talk to your management about it, you never can tell, they may be of help.

10. Change Your Work place

When you have tried as much as you can to conquer loneliness in your workplace without succeeding, you can try working in another environment. It is good to work in an area where you will feel comfortable and also get all the support that you need. There are somethings which maybe contributing to the loneliness that you are experiencing in your work that you can’t change, hence, the reason why you should try another place.

When you identify the reason (s) why you feel lonely at work, conquering it becomes easier.

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