How to Create a Motivating Work Environment for Everyone

How to Create a Motivating Work Environment

The working environment can either motivate or demotivate your workers. The attitude of the leaders of an organisation or fellow workers can create a healthy or an unhealthy atmosphere for others. That is to say that achieving a positive work environment is a collective effort. The bulk of the work lies on the leaders of the organisation who are to make rules and regulations that are to be followed by workers and other subordinates. It is pertinent to know that some people spend more time in their working areas than in their homes, and as such, a positive working environment will contribute greatly to the state of their mind.

It is not surprising to hear that some people resign voluntarily from their workplaces if the environment is not conducive. You will feel like someone under torture when you see yourself in an environment that you are not feeling comfortable. At times, such an inconducive environment maybe as a result of the organisational structure which means that you may need to adapt or leave such an organization as a worker. The benefit of a motivating or positive work environment cannot be overemphasized as it leads to greater productivity, lesser conflicts, cordiality and mutual understanding.

How to Create a Motivating Work Environment

1. By promoting cordial relationship among the staff

You need to let every worker know the need to respect and show love to one another irrespective of every form of diversity. Issues of age, ethnicity, religious differences and work level should not be a barrier towards cordiality. When such is promoted, there will be a healthy working atmosphere for all.

2. By making a working organigram

When the roles of every member of an organization is clearly defined, role conflicts will not occur. The administration is also made easy. Every worker will clearly understand whom to report to. It also makes identification of the members of the organization easier.

3. Giving incentives to deserved members

The best way to make those that are putting in their best in an organization feel okay is by giving them rewards or incentives. It promotes a healthy competition among coworkers which will also be beneficial to the organization because it will lead to higher productivity.

4. Ensuring that problems of staff are well addressed through regular meetings

When you give your workers the opportunity to air their views, it will give them a sense of belonging. You need to also be approachable as a company head, or if you are in any other recognisable position in the company. Having a regular staff meeting will create an avenue for certain issues to be discussed and resolved. You also have to give an unbiased judgement to issues.

5. Promoting social activities

Just like the saying goes “all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy”. Having regular social gatherings were various entertaining activities will be displayed is a great way of relaxing the mind of you workers. It will help them to get rid of accumulated stress as a result of work. You can equally make them create their own displays. In another instance whereby you cannot be able to create such social activities, you can give your workers some hours to unwind once in awhile.

6. Creating enabling environment free from bitterness and rancor

It is vital to let every worker know the best way to communicate with each other. When a worker tries to create an unhealthy working environment for others, he or she can be sanctioned. You can equally organize sensitization programs where good working ethics will be taught.

7. Promotion of team work among members of staff

Assigning roles to various groups of your workers is a great way of bringing them together. If the type of job that they do does not give room for this, you can give them assignment to do in group and assign a leader that will coordinate and monitor each group. Through this way, they will get to know each other very well and appreciate the importance of one another.

8.The spirit of specialization should be equally encouraged

One thing that motivates workers is when they are doing what they know how to do. Shifting roles may at times be a source of trouble for those who may not be well acquainted with such role. Allowing your workers to work in areas where they are more knowledgeable will give them a balanced mind. This will also make them to be free from bitterness and rancor.

9. Defaulters of various rules and regulations should be treated accordingly

Favouritism should be avoided when handling conflicts in the workplace.The execution of rules and regulations among the staff should be handled courteously. When you treat offenders accordingly in the workplace, others will learn from it and also apply caution.

10. Information should be well disseminated among those concerned

It is necessary that information should be well passed among those concerned. Confidential information should be kept confidential. It is not every member of the organization that should have access to every aspect of information in an organization. For instance, the information about salary structure should be limited to those that is entitled to it. This is because such information maybe misinterpreted thereby demoralizing those who seems to be unfavored by such structure.

When there is a positive working environment, both the staff and the management of the organization will benefit. It is the desire of every worker to work in an area where they will feel their best. This can be achieved by appreciating their efforts and other factors that we have discussed above. It will not cost much to create a motivating work environment for your workers. As a worker, try to play your role effectively inorder to have a balanced working environment.

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