How to Start a Speech in English – Best Ways

How to start a speech in English

Are you planning a speech presentation? Have it in mind that the starting and ending of a speech matters a lot. You should have a clear map of your talk so as to win the heart of your audience. In order not to give a boring speech, you need to put great effort on how to draw the attention of your audience and make them interested in what you are going to present.

In a speech presentation with limited time, having a good planning will help you to say everything you want to say without being under pressure. Make your introduction to be short because a lot people may not have the time to listen to your lengthy introduction story. Start your speech with openings that are commendable.

One of the things that will also determine how you are going to take it off or conclude is the type of speech that you are presenting. I know fully well that there is a great difference between experienced and inexperienced speech presenters. If you are inexperienced, acquiring the skills will be of great help to you.

How to Start a Speech in English

1. If you must start with a story, choose the one that resonates with your topic

I have attended a speech presentation where the presenter started his speech with a story and ended up embarrassing himself. He started a story which does not in any way click with the topic of presentation. One thing that you should have in mind when giving that speech or talk is that you are talking to people with authority in various professionals. Some of them may understand what you are saying more than you do.

It is not necessary to start your speech with a humorous story unless you are humorous by nature. Some of your audience may only be interested in grabbing facts from your speech. Those individuals who are naturally humorous, don’t need to do a lot to make their audience laugh as this will come naturally in their course of delivering the speech, this is there own gift and it is with them. If you don’t have such gift, stop forcing your audience to laugh with your forced humorous stories as you may end up embarrassing yourself.

Make your story count. Let it be as relevant as possible and also let it illustrate a point. Your experiences in the course of your profession can be a story, you can say it in a way that will arouse the mind of your audience and make them laugh.

2. Do not begin by exposing your inefficiencies

Have you attended a speech presentation where the speaker just entered and started with an apology? How did you feel and what was the reaction of others? This is an awkward condition that a speaker can put himself or herself. Even if you were unprepared, late, inexperienced, as long as you are willing to present the speech, cover things up. Why am I saying this? Sometimes, these your inefficiencies may not show up after you have ended up exposing yourself.

Another thing that happens when you start your speech by exposing your inefficiencies is that you will get your audience uninterested. They will feel like; since you are not prepared, what is the need of listening further. Since you are not a professional in this field, what do you have to offer. Allow your audience to see things themselves. Most times, these inefficiencies maybe undetected or only detected by a small fraction of your audience. Telling your audience that you are not prepared equally signals that you did not take them serious or worth your time. Holding the attention of your audience matters a lot and once you loose it, you may not be able to get it again.

3. Know How to Arouse the interest or Curiosity of your Audience

In the academic world, while delivering lessons, you maybe ask as a teacher or lecturer to ask your students or pupils questions to arouse their interest. You can ask audience a question or start with rhetorical question. Attention and interest matters a lot and it is easily achieved during the beginning of your talk. How do you then start you speech to grab the attention of your audience? You may start your speech with an interesting related story and then ends it by posing a question to your audience. This will heighten the curiosity of your audience while getting them ready for the next thing that you have to say.

Let me give you an example of a good opening sentence. You want to deliver a speech related to criminals or criminology, you can start by saying this; “Do you know that criminals identify themselves wherever they are?”. You will succeed in drawing the attention of your audience. They will have a lot of questions going on in their mind like; Is it true? How is it possible? How does criminals identify each other?” At this point, you can go ahead to do you presentation related to the opening talk which may offer more explanation to the sentence. Winning the attention and curiosity of your audience will give you a soft landing.

4. You can start your speech with a quote

Quotes are powerful words. The shortest quote can communicate great words and meaning. Some quotes arouses interests while others may leave people in a state of suspense. Starting your speech with famous quotes from famous people is a great idea. Check out for quotes related to your topic of presentation and say it aloud with authority. You can equally go ahead to explain some aspects of your quotes because your audience will like to hear more. To make it more interesting, let it take you to your topic of presentation.

5. Give Illustrations and Examples

Don’t make your presentation boring. A lot of people will appreciate it more when you relate your topic with things they are conversant with or can easily relate with. Your illustration may be related to things happening around or any other thing that will clearly explain more of your topic. This will greatly get your audience interested in what you have to say. It is just like laying a foundation for a building. It is important to start a speech in English with illustrations and examples.

6. You can demonstrate with an Object

At times in Schools, teaching aids inform of some objects are used so as to make the topic clearer to the pupils and students. Why not make use of such technique? Get yourself ready, pick up some materials for demonstration. Such material can be used to ask your audience questions or make them to understand something better. You can also illustrate on the writing board. It will create a lasting impression of your presentation to them.

7. Tell Your Audience what they will like to hear

In order not to have a boring speech presentation, tell your audience what they will like to hear. How does your subject matter affects or relates to them. This is necessary. When you do this, they will give you their absolute attention from the beginning to the ending knowing fully well that they have something to benefit from the topic.

Now that you have known how to start a speech in English, go ahead and give that wonderful presentation!

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