Unemployment in Nigeria; Main Causes, Effects and Solutions

Unemployment in Nigeria; Causes, effects and solutions

Unemployment in Nigeria; Causes and Solutions – Nigeria is a Country in West Africa. One of the things worthy to note about Nigeria is that it is richly blessed with abundant natural resources. Nigeria is also known as the giant of Africa with an estimated population of 223,804,632 million as at 2023. Despite the diversities in tribe, this country still remains united. Yes, Nigeria is blessed with abundant resources, do not be surprised to equally hear that the unemployment rate in Nigeria is alarming. Unemployment means a situation where there are able bodied people ready to work, but unfortunately, there is no job for them.

Nigeria is estimated to have 33% of unemployed people. Who are the people mostly involved? The youth of course. It is no longer a question of whether you are a graduate or not in this country as the unemployment is hitting both the graduates and non graduates. What a pity! Despite the efforts of different regimes of government in the country towards savaging this situation, the problem still persists.

Causes of Unemployment in Nigeria

It is good to know some of the reasons why the unemployment level in Nigeria keeps rising;

1. High Population

Nigerian is a developing nation with a population that is increasing on a daily basis. The number of available jobs will nowhere get to a reasonable percentage of the unemployed in the country.

2. Corruption

The leadership pattern in the country has not been fair enough in the provision of jobs for the unemployed in the country. Though the country is richly blessed with natural resources which generates a reasonable income to the nation, proper distribution and fair usage of this income is a problem. Most of the little government industries in Nigeria that can employ labour seems to be centralized in only one region.

3. Lack of skill acquisition courses in school curriculum

Young Nigerian students are not early exposed to various skill acquisition courses and programs early enough. This makes them to become jobless when they finish secondary school or even graduate because of inability to startup something on their own.

4. High insecurity level and unrest in some areas in Nigeria

Some areas in Nigeria are characterized with various forms of unrest. This can be as a result of ethnicity conflicts, insurgents and other forms of attacks. All these have contributed in decreasing the number of investors in the country that would have provided employment opportunities for the unemployed people.

5. Lack of basic infrastructures

Some of the unemployed people who would have resorted to establishing their own firms faces the setback arising from lack of the basic infrastructures needed for their intending businesses. Some roads in some parts of the country are in a deplorable state, no power supply in some areas, No good bridges, railways and others.

6. Most youths prefers white collar jobs

Frankly speaking, some youths in Nigeria are unemployed because they are still waiting for the availability of white collar jobs. They are not ready to learn some handiworks and skills such as tailoring, hair dressing and others or establish their own businesses.This has resulted in a good number of them mostly the graduates carrying their credentials from one office to the other in search of white collar job which may not be available for them.

Effects of Unemployment in Nigeria

The unemployment level in the country has it effects, read below;

1. Massive migration

Nigeria is is among the countries in the top list whose citizens are relocating to different parts of the world in search of greener pastures. If you go to various immigration offices in Nigeria, you will truly understand that many unemployed Nigerians are indeed, willing to go to any other country to try their luck. Recently, it was predicted that the country is going to run short of medical personnels considering the rate of their migration to developed continents such as Europe and America.

2. Increase in the rate of Crime

The rate of unemployment is pushing many Nigerian youths into different forms of criminal acts. These includes, cyber fraud, pilfering, and others undesirable acts. What a sad situation. The country is no longer safe due to the abnormal activities of some unemployed people.

3. Increase in the rate of poverty

Don’t be surprised to hear that so many families in Nigeria cannot be able to afford 2 times meals in a day. It is not an exaggeration to say that people are dying of Hunger. Most people can not afford the basic necessities of life because of lack of jobs to do. In short, the standard of living among many unemployed Nigerians is highly appalling.

4. Insecurity

The lives of so many Nigerians are in danger because of the fear of the unknown. A lot of regions in this area are faced with constant attacks by insurgents. These are youths who would have been gainfully employed thereby diverting their attention from taking the lives of innocent Nigerians and causing so many sleepless nights the residents of such areas.

5. Rural Urban Migration

The rural areas in Nigeria are mostly affected with the unavailability of jobs. Most of them are relying on Agriculture as a source of livelihood which at times, cannot be able to cater for their needs due to insufficient funds. They have thus, resorted to migrating to the Urban Areas in the nation in search of greener pastures. Some cities in Nigeria such as Lagos and Abuja are now densely populated. This is resulting to a great increase in the cost of rent, transportation and other basic amenities in such areas.

6. Lack of trust in government

When the needs of people are not met, they will have a disbelief whether the people in power are actually hearing their cry or not. This mistrust can be seen in the low turnout of voters witnessed during elections.

Solutions to the Unemployment in Nigeria

All hope is not lost, as there are still solutions to the unemployment situation in Nigeria;

1. Government should create more employment opportunities for its citizens

The current unemployment level in the country needs serious attention from the government. The establishment of industries and Job giving institutions will help in reducing the level of unemployment in the country. It is not only by establishing these Institutions and industries, but also by making sure that they are well distributed. There should be enough jobs for both the graduates and non-graduates in the country.

2. Provision of basic infrastructure

The unavailability of basic infrastructure in some parts of the country contribute largely to Rural-Urban Migration. Those that would have stayed behind and create jobs for themselves which would have been facilitated greatly by these infrastructures are made to forcefully abandon their areas. Most times, they will end up being jobless or resorting to all forms of crimes in the cities where they migrate to.

3. Private sectors should help in creating more jobs

Some big private firms should step up and help to reduce the unemployment level in Nigeria by establishing more industries. The government should equally not make it difficult for local and foreign investors to establish their businesses in this nation as this will pave way for more jobs.

4. Provision of Efficient Security for lives and properties

The government should be able to make the environment conducive for investors. This is because no investor will like to start up his business where his life and properties/investments will be at stake.

5. Early introduction of skill acquisition programs in schools and institutions

The introduction of skill acquisition programs will make a greater percentage of unemployed people to be self employed. They may be able to establish their own businesses when other opportunities are not forthcoming.

6. Unemployed youths should learn some skills or businesses and establish theirs

When the employment opportunities are not there, instead of continued search for white collar jobs, youths should learn how to be entrepreneurs and establish their own businesses. Some of the big firms in the world are owned by individuals who started it small.

The fight against the high unemployment rate in Nigeria should be a collective effort. The government, Private sectors and the unemployed people themselves should work hard towards alleviating this situation.

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