How to Market Your Goods on Instagram in Nigeria and Also Gain Popularity

How to market your goods on Instagram in Nigeria

If you are a business owner who haven’t taken the advantage of social media to market your goods, then know that you are missing a lot of potential customers. One of the things about marketing your goods on social media is that if you know the right strategies, you can advertise your goods for free on social media platforms. Here, I will be talking about a popular social media platform known as Instagram and how you can take advantage of this platform to Market your goods in Nigeria.

Nigeria’s business world is predominantly small scale business owners whose business commenced with low capital. At times, they may not be able to afford the cost of advertising their products on Radio stations, Television Channels, Newspapers and Magazines. The social media therefore is a succour to such people. Instagram is highly equipped with tools that makes it easier for people to market their products. This platform is very popular and encompasses people of different age groups and profiles.

At times, business owners who do not have much followers on Instagram doubt the ability of their business to be effectively advertised and also reach the target group to gain high conversion. If you are in such group, don’t worry knowing the right marketing strategies on Instagram can take you there.

How to Market Your Products on Instagram

1. Create Your Personal and Business Profile

If you have not done this, know that it is a great way to start. You can create your personal profile with your real name and add your business details to it. Talk about your business in your posts, if you have a good engagement in your personal profile account, you can use it as a medium to direct your customers to your business page or account.

Go ahead and create a dedicated business Account that will bear the name of your business. If your business has a physical address, E-mail, Phone number and Website Address, add them there. You can add the list of your products and services in your highlights or equally as photos with descriptive and call to action write-ups or posts.

2. Post Your Business Updates and New Product Updates Frequently

The easiest way to draw the attention of more followers and engagements to your business is to be posting on a regular basis. Carry them along when you have a new product, offer bonuses and discounts periodically to get them glued to your page and also to increase sales.

Apart from the normal Instagram posts, you can make use of Instagram stories, reels or even create a good video to advertise your products. You can equally measure the engagement rate of each method to know the method to make use of often.

3. Use Captivating words when creating your post, Videos, Stories and Reels

Your posts should be a call for action and engagements. It shouldn’t be necessarily lengthy. One of the best ways to achieve this is by ensuring that the first part of your sentence keeps your audience longing to read the remaining part of your advert. When ever you bring in a new product, let them know why they should buy such a product.

Your videos should also not be too lengthy, you can use videos in your stories. Create captivating reels and equally monitor the accounts reached, number of new followers and the level of engagements through Insights located in Instagram settings. You can click each tab for further breakdown of the details;

How to market your goods on Instagram in Nigeria

4. Engage with other people’s posts

One of the best ways to make your presence known on social media is by actively engaging in other people’s post. This can be in the post of business people selling the same product or related products with you. You can equally use your business profile page to comment on viral posts. This is best achieved by commenting on News Blogs and Celebrity Posts on Instagram. Some people will follow you back and equally engage with your posts and may eventually purchase from you. Equally, some people who have large followers on Instagram gives their followers the opportunity to advertise their goods and products in their comment section. Always check for instructions and apply caution so that you will not be blocked.

5. Make Use of Hashtags

Hashtag (#) is an easy way to get your post reach a larger audience despite your number of followers. When you add a hashtag to your posts, people looking for such product will use the popular hashtag for the product to find such product. One of the things that you need to do when using Hashtags is to check for the hashtag that have more engagements and followers. For instance; #kiddieswears maybe popular than #kiddiesclothing. If you want to make use of more than one hashtag, make sure you use the popular hashtags. You can equally create a personal hashtag using your business name.

6. Run Sponsored Ads from Your Business page

Creating sponsored ad is another way of reaching a larger audience on Instagram irrespective of your number of followers. It also gives your business more visibility. Choose the post that you want to boost. Let the post have eye-catching titles, interesting or call to action post. Set your goal and your target audience. Indicate your budget and the duration that you want the ad to run. Monitor your ad to know whether you are reaching the right audience and whether there is enough engagement, this can also be checked by the number of new followers you are getting and the number of sales you are making. Note that; your ad budget will determine the number of audience your ad will reach. You can also pause your ad whenever you want.

7. Pay Influencers to help Advertise Your Goods

There are some good Influencers on Instagram that can take your business to another level. Check for these influencers and advertise your business with them.

8. Do Promos and Giveaways

Nigerians likes promos and Giveaways. One of the ways to catch the attention of your potential buyers is by offering discounts, promos and giveaways. If you observe well, during this period, you will gain more followers and visiblity.

9. Give a quick response to comments and messages

When you give people the notion that you will always be available to listen and respond to their enquires and messages, they will have many reasons to patronize you. If you are not always available to give such a response, you can make use of Instagram automated response to give quick replies. Later on, you can revisit such enquires or messages.

Knowing how to market your goods on Instagram in Nigeria is a sure way of boosting your sales. Take advantage of this platform to take your business to a higher level.

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