Leadership Qualities of a Good Leader that You Need to Emulate

Best leadership qualities that every good leader should posses
Best Leadership Qualities

For any business or organization to thrive, a good leader is needed. What makes you a good leader is when you posses the qualities that is acceptable to others and will also project whatever organization or business you are leading to the top. When you have the important leadership qualities, have it mind that you are not only favouring your organization or business but paving way that will propel you to a greater height. Many businesses have phased out in history due to bad leadership. Some of the countries in the world are moving backward instead of forward due to bad leadership.

Who is a leader? “A leader is the person who directs or controls a group, organization, country and others.” Some of the top qualities of a good leader are; Honesty, Approachable, Good communicator and a good listener, Compassionate, Innovative and creative, Accountability and Purposeful.

Good leadership qualities in the workplace leads to greater productivity, promotes team work and in general, creates a healthy atmosphere for all. I can remember in my organization, when the longest serving staff was called upon to state the reasons why he chooses to be in our organization for that long. According to him, he sees the organization as another home, the love, spirit of cooperation is among the things that makes him not to have the mindset of leaving. All these are made possible by a good leader.

To be truthful to you, there are some leaders who makes their subordinates or followers regrets why the found themselves under them. Such leaders possess lackadaisical attitudes towards what others are feeling. Everyone deserves to be under a good leader because it gives a good feeling. If you are a Leader whose leadership qualities is not encouraging, there is still time for you to make things right. Start today to practice those leadership qualities that are worthy of emulation as this will garner much respect for you wherever you are.

Best Leadership Qualities of a good leader

1. A good leader should be approachable

There are some leaders who make things difficult for those they are leading. For you to be a good leader, you must be approachable. Some of your followers may conceal some important information from you if you are difficult to approach. Some leaders claims that it earns them respect, but I totally disagree with this. Giving your followers easy access to you will make your organization more productive, like I said earlier you maybe missing so many opportunities and information if you are not approachable.

For instance, your followers may have an idea that he or she thinks will help you beat your competitors but after considering how difficult it will be to get to you, such information or idea will not be divulged. One of the things that makes you more approachable is equally your response. If you responses are harsh, unfavourable and unpalatable, no one will like to approach you.

2. Honesty

Being a dishonest leader will never earn you any respect. Have it in mind that every of your single act will be understood by someone. Be consistent with your words. Stand for the truth no matter who is involved. Honesty is a great virtue that will attract many people to you. It will help your followers to defend you even in your absence. Make your name to always stand for the truth wherever it is being mentioned.

When giving out judgments concerning your subordinates or in other areas, learn to “call a spade a spade no matter whose ox is gored.” Make your followers to believe that you are ready to defend the oppressed always. This will give them the zeal to work harder.

3. A good listener and communicator

No organization will attain greater height without the good passage of information. A good leader should know how to communicate detailed information to his/her subordinates. Don’t be in a haste to deliver an important information, take your time and say it the way it is.

Be attentive to every information that is equally communicated to you. Analyze it, and give a suitable response to it. Don’t let the person communicating such an information to you regrets why he or she did so. You have to be an active listener as a leader.

4. Compassionate

One of the things that will make your followers or subordinates more committed to their duties is when you make them have a sense of belonging. How do you achieve this? Show compassion to those who needs it. Don’t feel unpertubed about what they are passing through.

For instance, you are a leader in a company and one of your staff complains to you of feeling unwell, you still went ahead to allocate him or her a big work portion. This is a strong indication that you don’t care about their well being. You may have your own reason, but it doesn’t speak good of you.

5. Purposeful and good direction

A good leader should have a purpose. Not only having a purpose but working towards achieving your purpose. You should be focused on your goals and work towards achieving them. What will motivate your followers is how purposeful you are in your job.

You are like a shepherd directing a flock of sheep, once you misses the right track, they will equally go astray with you. A leader who is a good director or has a good direction will record so much achievements.

6. Accountability

When you are accountable for your actions, your subordinates will also emulate how to be accountable for theirs. Be very sincere when rendering accounts for events or other things happening in your organization. Don’t hide things that shouldn’t be hidden. The discovery of such things will present you as someone with a questionable character.

7. Creativity and Innovative

A good leadership quality is creativity and also innovation. If you are being handed over an organization, try to bring new things in place. Don’t just depend on the existing structures. Even before assuming as the leader fully, ask yourself what you can put in place so that the impact of your leadership will be greatly felt.

Many good leaders have had their tenures extended as a result of this. This quality will also make your followers to be on “top of their games” knowing that the organization is up to achieving so many things. Bring up your own ideas, solve problems and put new things in place.

Best leadership qualities a good leader should emulate will guide in that position. Know fully well that every of your action counts as a leader. Try to write your name on marble based on your outstanding qualities and achievements. Carry everyone along in the course of your leadership.

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